Jump is for every taste!


Our activities

JumpCity has several parks, choose yours and learn more about available activities.

Trampoline zone

Put yourself upside down!

Thanks to our tremendous range of trampolines, get crazy and have fun to bounce with your friends!

The tower of jump

0% danger 100% sensations!

Pillars more that 2m high, a huge airbag, for strong sensations in complete safety!

Jump in the air

Throw yourself into the foam!

Get catapulted by a giant trampoline … and land into foam!

Ninja journey

Awake the warrior that sleeps in you!

Who has the potential of a true ninja? The answer is at the end of the journey, top GO!

Basketball Jump

Up & dunk!

Have you already scored upside down? You are the stars of the NBA!

The Fighter’s beam

Only one will stay!

One of you cannot remain on this beam! Which one will finish in the foam pit!

Let’s Dance

Acrobatic dance is within everyone’s reach! From 8pm to 10pm, every Saturday night, with our DJ on turntables, chase the saltos in an atmosphere of madness!

Bar lounge

Comfort and conviviality

Experimental warrior or cautious spectators, you will enjoy finding yourself in our fast food area, with a beautiful view of the park’s activities. You will find a pleasant and relaxing environment, with a big choice of sweet dishes, candy, hot and cold drinks. For small hunger or just to sit together and enjoy good athmosphere.